Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower Roses French Inspired Postcard

vintage Paris/France, vintage eiffel tower antique illustration/image/digital collage, delicate/romantic/pretty pink roses/flowers/petals, french inspired/style/design/language, green leaves, simple/chic/elegant/feminine/romantic/old fashioned/nostalgic/artsy, artistic flowers, old/antique/wrinkled/shabby paper, distressed look, vintage french typography/ephemera receipts, postmarks/cancellations/indicia, blue/pink/beige/golden yellow colors/tones, soft/warm colors, blue textured background, french lady/fashion, oval decorative frame.

Vintage french inspired digital collage, by red_dress, featuring antique illustration of Eiffel Tower, adorned with beautiful pink roses blossom, antique frame with french lady, postmarks/vintage stamp and french typography from vintage ephemera. The elegant collage is printed on blue colored old paper background.

Vintage style design digitally created by red_dress using antique illustrations.

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